Trekkers Inn

Trekkers Inn

We provide cottages for the trekkers which are called Trekkers Inn. It has a beautiful view and is surrounded by a friendly environment and a lovely atmosphere. Trekkers Inn cottage is extremely eco-friendly and incredibly well organized. We have a group of staffs who are very friendly and always there to serve you with whatever you may need 24 hours a day. This is a haven of infinite serenity surrounded by natural majesty.

Our well-designed cottages are with pretty huge rooms and very comfortable beds clean sheets and very important wi-fi for the trekkers comfort. They have got both hot and cold water in the en-suite bathrooms, flush toilets. On a clear sunny day, you can clearly see the beauty of the sun as it rises in the morning.

We ensure the best quality meals for the trekkers. The meals are prepared by expert chefs. They prepare local and international cuisine. The meals are served by friendly staff member who are trained to behave accordingly towards the guests and to meet their needs.

Ours is a Great location for those who want to get close to untouched nature. You can have a perfect home stay in our cottage which has very polite staffs that make a valued contribution. We assure you that you can have a fantastic experience from our Trekkers Inn Cottage.

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