Ayurveda package

Ayurveda is a simple, practical science of life, the principles and practices of which evolved through many centuries. Ayurvedic science is based on eternal wisdom of people who acquired the knowledge from experience and meditation. Ayurvedic system is applicable universally to all those seeking harmony and peace. The entire universe, as well as the body is made up of five basic elements. These elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

The word Ayurveda is composed of two sanskrit terms - Ayu meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge. Therefore Ayurveda means the knowledge of life or science of life. It is defined as the science, through which one can obtain knowledge about the useful and harmful ways of life, happy and miserable types of life, conditions that lead to the above types of life, as well as, the very nature of life.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, human body consists of three primary life forces or biological humors, which are Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. These three doshas are called the tridoshas. A balance among these life forces is essential for proper health. Any imbalance among the tridoshas causes a state of unhealthiness or disease.

Ayurvedic system says that this imbalance is the effect of the constant reaction of the internal environment of body to the changes in external environment. It is only required that we bring back normalcy to the balance of these doshas, to bring back the state of healthiness.

Ayurvedic treatments can be classified under two groups - tonification and reduction. Reduction therapies decrease excesses in the body while tonification methods nurture insufficiency in the body. Reduction therapy has two parts called pacification and purification. Pacification is done with herbs, fasting, exercise, sunbathing and exposure to wind. Purification is a special form of therapy for elimination of the disease causing humors. The power of Ayurvedic elimination therapy is its system for guiding the toxins to their sites for elimination. It consist of five parts - The pancha karmas - cleaning enemas, nasal medication, Purgation, Emesis and blood letting. All these require preliminary Ayurvedic practises of oleation and sweating. Kerala a southern state of India, has developed its own

Ayurvedic treatment modalities like Dhara, pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Elakizhi, Sirovasthi, Thalapothichil etc. which are highly effective in a number of diseases which include Motor neuron diseases, Arthritis of various kinds, skin diseases, heart diseases, peptic ulcer, Asthama, Peripheral vascular diseases and Gynecological disorders.

Ayurvedic pharmacology is based upon the concepts of rasa, veerya and vipaka. A vast variety of plants, metals, minerals, animals, birds and even mud and sand are used as medicines in Ayurveda.

Our Ayurveda package includes Separate Ayurveda diet.



The body is massaged with various oils. It tones,improves circulation, restores energy and provides relaxation.

Duration : 1 Hour minutes


In this head, face and body is massaged with various oils. It tones, improves circulation, restores energy and provides relaxation.

Duration : 1 hour 20 minutes


This is the most popular and relaxing therapy in Ayurveda.In this therapy Ayurvedic medicated oil is continuously poured in a thin stream on the forehead in a special pattern for fixed time. Good for relaxation, insomnia, anxiety and mental stress.

Sirodhara with only head and face massage - duration: 1 hour 30 Minutes-


In this therapy about 4 to 5 litres of lukewarm Ayurvedic oil selected according to body constitution is poured on the whole body and light massage is administered. It tones up the skin, nourishes the muscles and nervous tissues and eliminates metabolic waste through skin. It relieves rheumatic and joint pains. It also detoxifies and purifies the body.

Pizhichil with head and face massage - Duration 1.00 Hour20 minutes-


In this after face scrub herbal face pack-mask isapplied. It nourishes, cleanses, and detoxifies the skin.

Duration -


It this body is exposed to the rejuvenation vapours. It eliminates toxins, reduces fat tissue and is good for skin and muscular pain.

Duration -


In this therapy herbal steam is given on face and then Specific Ayurvedic oil drops are administered in nostrils.It is good for allergic condition of nose, sinusitis and cold also. Nasyam enhances the function of eyes, nose, and ears and induces sound sleep.

Some other therapies are also done like Tarpanam, kativasti etc on specific requirement. Panchkarma package, relaxation package, rejuvenation package and stress management package are offered.)

Note :

  • We do not entertain cross gender massages.
  • kindly let us know if you need concentration on specific area-body part.
  • Kindly let us know whether you prefer strong, medium or light massage.
  • After any therapies we suggest to have bath after atleast 45 to 60 minutes.
  • After massages we wipe the body with hot towels so very mild oil is left on the body and you can have clothes on.

  • Silver Green ayurvedha service includes Ayurveda consultation, Ayurveda medicines,Ayurveda therapies, beauty therapies, Ayurveda massage-panchkarma training courses and spa consultancy also.
  • Ayurveda Consultaion(With appointment only) involves Ayurveda dosha analysis or consultation for various health problems like arthritis, skin problems, depression-anxiety disorders, obesity etc.
  • We provide various medicines, oils, herbal teas & beauty products from various reputed companies of India.
  • Ayurveda therapies involve various massages, Sirodhara, aroma therapies, facials etc.
  • We do offer ayurveda treatment packages for various health problems which lasts from 3days to 21 days
  • Open from 7. 00 am to 7.00 pm
  • While we Endeavour to look after your belongings, the centre will not be liable for loss of your valuables. We urge to leave your valuables in your hotel or residence or purse or locker in the therapy room.Health conditions
  • Kindly advice us of any health condition, allergies or injuries, which could affect your treatment. Guest with severe-acute pain, cardiac problem, and pregnant woman are advised to consult doctors before treatments.


  • Package: 1 - Fifteen days weight loss package
  • We can offer you a fifteen days package for weight loss. This package will include-
  • 7 sessions of Udawarthanama-dry herbal powder massage and 7 sessions of herbal steam.-1 hour 20 minutes
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